A sheva is a Calydon's soulmate. Destiny says that after the bond is completed, the Calydon will go insane and destroy anything and anyone around him. Only his sheva can stop him and it has been believed for centuries that the only way she can do this is to kill him. She will then go mad with grief and kill herself.

The Order of the Blade was founded to hunt and kill these rogue males before they can harm innocents. In the series, the members of the Order are learning that they can overcome this destiny with the help of their shevas and teammates.

Stages of the Sheva Bond Edit

The stages can be completed in any order. With each completed stage, a section of the Calydon's weapon will appear on the sheva's forearm.

  • Sex
  • Blood exchange
    • During the exchange, the pair recite this oath to each other: "Mine to you. Yours to me. Bonded by blood, by spirit and by soul, we are one. No distance too far, no enemy too powerful, no sacrifice too great. I will always find you. I will always protect you. No matter what the cost. I am yours and you are mine."
  • Death Ritual: killing someone else or risking one's own life to save one's mate
  • Transference: the Calydon male's weapon recognizes the sheva and allows her to summon it
  • Trust