The belly dancer
Satinka are magical beings whose power fuels Calydons. When a Calydon taps into a Satinka's magic, he feels an incredible rush and is unable to stop himself from draining the Satinka dry. Because of this, Satinka are nearly extinct in the modern world.

There are three main qualities to Satinka magic:

  • Earth: contact with earth strengthens Satinka. Lily Davenport seems to be the only Satinka powerful enough to call her magic without the presence of soil
  • Music
    • Frank Tully found a special kind of music that evoked Lily's magic
    • Satinka magic causes those under its influence to sing and dance
  • Sex: Satinka magic can be provoked through sexual arousal or accessed by sexual contact. Both conditions do not have to be present. Sexual arousal can elicit the magic without the act of sex and vice versa.

Like Calydons, Satinka have mates. The presence of a mate produces the sound of music, especially bells. The Satinka magic is much stronger for her mate than for any other Calydon.