Ezekiel was a peasant who was born two thousand years ago. He fell in love with a woman named Evangeline, who was kidnapped by the tyrannical king's soldiers. He drank from a river tainted with demon magic in order to become strong enough to rescue her, but she was dying by the time he reached her. He was driven mad with grief and began slaughtering everyone in the castle. His twin brother Caleb stopped him from murdering the king's daughters, then fled with his own mother and sisters.

With the misguided notion of eradicating malevolent people like the king, Ezekiel created more Calydon warriors from the river and went on a rampage across the land, murdering and spreading evil in his wake. Caleb knew he had to eliminate his twin, so he went to the demoniac river to gain the same powers. Ezekiel arrived and fell in love with Caleb's wife, who had accompanied him, at first sight. The brothers fought, but Ezekiel won and took Caleb's wife. Caleb and twenty warriors drank from the river, then defeated Ezekiel's army. Caleb was unable to kill his brother, so the twenty-one warriors used their weapons and Satinka magic to create a prison, in which Ezekiel resided for millennia.